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I originally drew this map nearly a year ago, in January of this year. I finally scanned it and did the post-production work in September, around the time that I did the map of Tenkar’s Landing for Dead Rat Productions.

The Fortress at Hawksford

The Fortress at Hawksford

Most of my city maps seem to be coastal towns of late, so I specifically made this one on a river to break from that trend. My more recent urban maps reverse the scheme from these older maps – here the heavy fortress structures are done in outline and the buildings are done in black, whereas my newer urban maps use outlines for the buildings so I can have them abutting against each other without turning into a big blob of black ink.

This map was drawn in the mapping book I received for Christmas last year from some friends / fellow gamers. It’s a gorgeous hand-made book, but unfortunately the commercial bark-paper doesn’t take my regular mapping pens all that well (on the upside, the paper does take very well to a set of very cheap gel pens that I have that don’t work well on any of my other papers). It was drawn in a single draft, straight to pen.

Unlike most of my urban maps, I haven’t found a home for the Fortress at Hawksford in my game yet. I’m sure that will change soon.