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Another small set-piece to put above dungeon number 88 in your sandbox. Hellrim Tower was smote by brimstone and destroyed 30 years ago. Foul things still rest within the ruins of the tower – undead, extradimensional evils, vengeance elementals… whatever really turns your crank.

Hellrim tower was actually originally drawn to sit above level one of Dyson’s Delve. If that’s the case, I would recommend putting a very small contingent of unhappy goblins in the tower, watching for interlopers. They dislike this duty because they feel exposed up on the surface where the daystar burns their eyes, and the ruins of Hellrim tower just serves to remind them of the mighty powers that can be brought to bear against them should anyone take notice of their ruined stronghold.

If using Hellrim tower with Dyson’s Delve, the stairs go down as indicated and then turn into a spiral staircase descending to area 4 of level 1 of the dungeon.

Hellrim Tower

Hellrim Tower

Hellrim Tower was drawn in a single draft with a 0.7mm black gel pen in my 4 x 6 inch mapping book before being scanned and cleaned in Photoshop.

Hellrim Tower was made possible because of the help from my awesome patrons including Karlen Kendrick, Bryant Durrell and Purple Duck Games’ Mr Gedak. These patrons, and another 52 like them, help keep the maps flowing here at the Dodecahedron. If you would like to be a patron of the Dodecahedron, or would like to learn more about my patronage program, visit the Dyson Logos Patreon Campaign Page.