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Have you heard of Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts? It is the black sheep over here on the Dodecahedron – it seems that since it isn’t based around my maps, it doesn’t get much attention. In total, 67 print copies and 44 electronic copies of the volume have sold as of today.

Tim Brannan over at the Other Side (and the crafter of the excellent “The Witch” and “Eldritch Witchery” books) recently reviewed the book and also looked at it side-by-side for use with Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. It reminded me that I don’t do enough to promote this dark horse book.


So, instead of lamenting the lack of sales, I figured I should dig into the 159 pages of Magical Theorems and show off some more of the contents. If you liked the Charms I posted as a Joesky tax two weeks ago, those are also from this volume (along with 14 more charms).

So here are a few more toys from Chapter 3 – some of these are adapted for Labyrinth Lord from other Open Game Content sources – and of course there are many more magical rings in the book, along with more variants.

Magic Rings

Battle Prowess

When this ring is worn and activated, it increases the chance that attacks are successful. whenever the character makes an attack while wearing this ring, roll two dice for each attack, and take the more favorable result. This power does not enact until it has been worn continuously for at least 24 hours. A ring of battle prowess can only function twice per day for up to three rounds per activation.

Ring of the Bound

This ring is a plain band of silver with a small d-ring on the face. It allows the wearer to summon and control a staff-level (8 HD) dungeon elemental (or an earth elemental if not use the alternate elementals) once per day.

Everlasting Ring

If the wearer of this black iron ring is slain, he rises as an undead in one turn, the type of which is determined by the level or hit dice of the wearer. Most (75%) of everlasting rings also have the abilities of another ring type – roll again on the ring table to determine the other powers of the ring.

  • Less than 3 hit dice: Ghoul
  • 4 to 6 hit dice: Wight
  • 7 to 9 hit dice: Mummy
  • 10+ hit dice: Vampire

Skeletal Ring

This ring is composed of two interlocking bands in the design of a pair of skeletal hands and arms that grab each other at the elbows. The two bands can be snapped apart and if one is kept on the wearer and a second placed upon the finger of a corpse or skeleton, then the corpse will rise as if under the effects of an animate dead spell, under the control of the wearer of the matching band.

Stones, Ring of

These rings come in three varieties (+1, +2 and +3) and are studded with 3d6 (+1), 2d6 (+2) or 1d6 (+3) small beads or balls around the circumference. The wearer can fire two balls from the ring per combat round as if they were sling stones with the indicated enchantment bonus. Once all the balls have been fired, the ring becomes useless and non-magical.

Stonesafe Ring

This ring has 1-3 small white pearls set within it. It grants a +2 bonus to saving throws against being turned to stone by spells or creature’s powers. Further, if the wearer does fail his save and is turned to stone, one of the ring’s pearls will turn to stone instead, leaving the wearer unscathed. Once all three pearls have been turned to stone the ring will no longer function. The pearls cannot be “reset” by casting stone to flesh on them.

Magic Ring Variants

Some magical rings are made of special materials or in a special design that affects how they operate and what powers they imbue. These variant ring types can be applied to any other ring to help make each magical ring unique – avoiding the typical “ring of protection”.

Biting Ring

These rings have sharp protrusions of some kind or another, and are often sculpted to look like a creature’s mouth or head. When worn, the ring reduces the natural healing of the wearer. Whenever the wearer rests to gain hit points, he gains 1 less hit point than normal.


This clear or translucent crystal ring provides a +2 bonus on all saving throws against mind affecting attacks and spells. It also provides a +2 bonus to the wearer’s targets if he or she casts any mind-affecting spells.

Fletcher’s Rings

These rings are meant to be worn further forward on the finger, and on the thumb instead of the ring finger. They provide a +1 bonus to attacks with long and short bows when worn.

Spellbinder’s Band

Whenever the wearer of this ring is targeted by a spell, beneficial or otherwise, the diamond setting on the ring erupts into brilliant light for one round per level of the spell. This dispels any darkness effects within 30 feet and is otherwise treated identically to a light spell targeting the ring.


When this ring is removed from the wearer’s finger by anyone but the wearer, it triggers a 10d6 damage fireball spell one full turn later, centred on the ring itself.