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Two rough-hewn passages lead into the walls of the old black-walled quarry at Cairn Dubh. Over the ages the spaces beyond have been used as tombs, a stockade, storage, animal lairs, a base of operations during wartime, and who knows what else.

Of course, when the adventurers’ eyes set upon Cairn Dubh for the first time, the history of the site means little, only what evils have moved into it…

The Caves of Cairn Dubh

The Caves of Cairn Dubh

The Caves of Cairn Dubh was drawn in a single draft using a 0.7mm gel pen in a 4 x 6 inch plain paper booklet. It was then scanned, contrast-enhanced and filtered in photoshop.

This is actually the very last map drawn in that particular mapping book. With this scan I have scanned every usable map in the book. It now goes into retirement on my shelf, hopefully to be joined by more books as the years pass.