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This is where I say THANK YOU to the gaming community who read this and who follow me on Google+. Thank you for becoming a patron of my work through Patreon. Thank you for spreading the word of my Patreon campaign as I launched it. Thank you for your patronage which is allowing me to keep creating without constraints.

The Patreon campaign is hovering just around $121 per map (which actually averages at around $97 per map after various monthly maximums come into play). New people still occasionally sign up, and some people step down, and the total stays just above the $120 mark. After Patreon’s fees and credit card fees (and some credit cards failing to clear), I get about 86% of the total promised funding. As it stands, if I maintain a release schedule of 9-10 items per month this is enough to pay my rent, buy a few art supplies every month, and pick up a luxury bottle of liquor.

That is epic. And that is because of you.

In a couple of days (by the end of the week at least) I’ll have a new free adventure going out in PDF format. Normally I put these up on the blog straight into the blog format, but with the maps and art involved, and your support, I figured I could go the extra step and release it as a digest format PDF also. Maybe as another issue of the Dodecahedron, or something. Regardless, this is being done for you, the RPG community, because you rock.

Thank, gamers.

And there’s trouble brewing at Imp Brücke. There are goblins in those woods… and they aren’t the kind that you’d let a level 1 character deal with.