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The Fortress of Anoros has long been buried beneath the Three Peaks. Originally cut into the peaks by a warrior of the plane of Earth trapped here and driven insane by the vagaries of the prime, the fortress was then sealed off and lost during the great war.

Recent rumours indicate that a team of dwarves along with a score of goblin slaves have managed to break back into the fortress by mining from an old cave in the north face of the Brother, middle of the Three Peaks.

The Breached Fortress of Anoros

The Breached Fortress of Anoros

When the party arrives, however, the dwarven dig is abandoned, and has been for several weeks. Perhaps there really are interesting (and dangerous) things deep within the Three Peaks that they have uncovered?

The Breached Fortress was originally started at least six months ago but was only a quarter finished when I dug it back up at the same time as the Three Tombs of Acker. Instead of continuing to make it into a massive megadungeon of strange architecture, I took the unfinished areas and drew them in as collapsed, completely changing the feel of the map-in-progress.

The Breached Fortress was drawn with a 0.7mm Zebra Sarasa gel pen on commercial 4-quad graph paper. It is presented here free for your personal use under the usual terms (no commercial use, please credit me and provide a link to the website). These maps are provided for your use and enjoyment courtesy of my patrons – people like Matt Jackson and Shane Knysh – who are contributing to my Patreon Campaign so everyone can continue to enjoy free maps.