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Skyrae’s Oubliette is a small dungeon beneath a temple or another dungeon. A secret sub-dungeon that is home to Skyrae CrystalCaster and a few guardians, as well as Skyrae’s supposedly substantial fortune in extra-planar treasures.

Skyrae's Oubliette

Skyrae’s Oubliette

Skyrae’s Oubliette is also the first map drawn exclusively on and with art materiel provided courtesy of my Patreon campaign. This map was drawn using 05 and 01 Micron pens (instead of my usual 0.7 and 0.5 mm gel pens), and was drawn on a very nice 20 lb 4-quad Canson Graph & Layout pad with very light blue gridding that hardly scans at all.

Skyrae’s Oubliette is yours to use under the usual non-commercial limitations thanks to patrons like Chuck Beaulne who are funding the continued release of maps on this blog through my Patreon Campaign, as well as paying for the art supplies that go into making them.