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I like secret doors. I admit it. It’s a problem of mine according to some, but I like to see it as a feature, not a bug. I try to make sure the secret doors don’t prevent major parts of the dungeon from being explored, but instead provide alternate routes and escapes.

Maker’s Hall is a nice smaller dungeon environment with less than a dozen encounter areas, and three secret doors.

Three! Three Secret Doors! Mwah-ha-ha!

That said, only one leads somewhere that cannot be reached without finding it, and that would appear to be either another dungeon level (in which case I recommend a treasure map to show where the door is), or an escape tunnel. Of the other two, one will be painfully obvious when explored from the other side, and the last isn’t really important anyways, it’s just there to provide alternate routings through the dungeon.

Maker's Hall

Maker’s Hall

Maker’s Hall was drawn with a pair of black gel pens – 0.7mm for the walls, and 0.5mm for the hatching and detail work. It was drawn in a single draft in one of my little 4 x 6 inch mapping books I picked up at the dollar store.

It is provided here for your use and enjoyment – feel free to use it in your games and even your blog or other non-commercial uses as long as you credit me. These free maps are yours courtesy of my awesome patrons who support the blog through my Patreon Campaign. People like Thorbjørn Steen, Xavid and Johnstone Metzger who make these maps and adventures possible.