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So, back to the random subclass tables!

This time I’m heading into the classes from Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts. The following classes are in said volume:

  • dark-arts-front-cover-hardcover-webWizard
  • Cleric
  • Elven Swordmage
  • Elven Warder
  • Enchanter
  • Fleshcrafter
  • Healer
  • Inquisitor
  • Merchant Prince
  • Necromancer
  • Pact-Bound
  • Theurge
  • Unseen

Of these, the Wizard uses the d12 Magic-User subclasses, the Cleric uses the standard d12 Cleric subclasses, and the Elven Swordmage uses the standard d12 Elven subclasses.

The Elven Warder is a hybrid elf/ranger class with spells suited for defense and nature, while the Enchanter is a magic-user class with spells specifically aimed at enchantment and charming.

Elven Warder Subclasses

  1. Forest Scout – Can track in the wilderness
  2. Eagle-Eye – +2 to hit with bows
  3. Ghost of the Trees – Hide in Shadows as a thief, Move Silently at +1 level ability
  4. TreeRunner – Travel at +50% speed in forest, or enable a group of up to 4 + 1/2 level to travel through a forest at full speed.
  5. FoulHunter – +1 to hit and damage against humans and orcs
  6. Wild Elf – Increase hit dice to d8
  7. LoreWarden – Add one druid spell to spell list at each spell level
  8. Dark Hunter – Gain backstabbing ability of a thief
  9. Sylvan Noble – +1 bonus on reaction rolls with animals, woodland creatures and forest elves
  10. Elven Guerrilla – +1 Initiative, +2 damage first attack / combat
  11. Focused – +10% to earned XP
  12. Choose one or make up a new one

Enchanter Subclasses

  1. Sword Artist – +1 to hit and damage with longsword, can spend 10 minutes to create a dazzling display of swordsmanship as art
  2. Charmer – cast charm spells with a -2 penalty on saves
  3. Beguiling Magus – replace one spell at each level with a Magic User spell of that level
  4. Divine Enchantress – replace one spell at each level with a Cleric spell of that level
  5. Shadow Beguiler – can hide in shadows and move silently as a thief
  6. Beholder – can detect magic 1/day per 2 levels
  7. Thespian – gain +1 on reaction rolls with peacefully-inclined humans and demi-humans
  8. Lore-Lured – can use scrolls and magical items for any class
  9. Beast-Friend – gains +2 on reaction rolls with animals and animal-like monsters
  10. Multi-Linguist – gain an additional language understood and spoken at level 1, and again at every odd level thereafter.
  11. Focused – +10% to earned XP
  12. Choose one or make up a new one

Remember, if you are using the d12 Subclass tables for one character, everyone else should be using such a table too. If they don’t want to have a subclass, or you don’t have a subclass table for their class, then give them the Focused subclass, which grants them a 10% XP bonus instead of a new special ability.


Completely aside, this appears to be the 1,000th post to this blog. Oi!