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Gedak, high priest of Drothos, was aided by divine inspiration and many protection from elements spells as he toiled to build a temple to the ancient banished god under the frozen caldera of a volcano that slowly spills it’s lava down along the Iron Fang Abyss, a deep crevasse that divides the Kingdom of Tren from the lands of Warlord Yur.

There are three entrances into the temple, but only two are suitable for non fire-based entities. A small shrine on the mountainside leads to a secret entrance on the west side of the central shrine. The main entrance is on the south face of the volcano, and leads through the grand hall to the central shrine, sitting atop a lake of bubbling magma.

Gedak's Temple

Gedak’s Temple

Gedak’s Temple is the first non-commission map I’ve drawn this year. I’ve been horribly ill since the last day of 2013 and it felt good to go through my patron responses and look for inspiration for a map. It’s also the first map trying out a new technique for secret doors suggested by those who want to use these maps with virtual table top software. The secret doors are indicated in the gap in the wall instead of directly in the drawing of the wall. I’m not 100% sold on this technique yet.

This map was inspired by Mark Gedak, the hoopy frood in charge of Purple Duck Games. His own patronage, and the patronage of other awesome people like Daniel Swensen and Tony Dowler, and the other great patrons who support the Dodecahedron through my Patreon Campaign.

This map was drawn using two new Micron pens – a 08 (for the walls) and a 005 (for the hatching and details). I think I’ll move back up to the 01 for the crosshatching in the future. It was drawn on 5-quad graph paper, scanned, enhanced, and then the lava sections were quickly colourized in photoshop.