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Goblin Gully is in the top 3 best known adventures from this site. I think the order goes something like:

  1. Dyson’s Delve
  2. Challenge of the Frog Idol
  3. Goblin Gully

I originally released Goblin Gully to the world in 2009, and have used it in one variation or another in 4 different campaigns and a pair of one-shots over the last decade. Yet, for some reason I didn’t include it in Dyson’s Delves. So I’ve fixed that for Dyson’s Delves II. The adventures included in Dyson’s Delves II are:

  • Valley of the Red Apes
    • Ziggurat of Rhissel the Morning Lord
    • a Devourer Most Foul
    • The Secret of Jen’s Hall
  • Goblin Gully
  • The Screams from Jedder’s Hole
  • The Trouble at Imp Brücke
  • The Ruins of Corvel on the Mount
  • Cavanaugh’s Hall
  • Atarin’s Delve

I’m currently putting the final touches on Valley of the Red Apes and playtesting a few encounters for said adventure set before I send the book off to the printer for my first print test.

But since Goblin Gully was such an old map, I decided to try redrawing it while I was updating the text to include monster stats (as a one-page dungeon, I originally omitted monster stats so it could be run system-neutral). I also scored a great piece of art for it from Andrew Shields of Fictive Fantasies to go with it. Heck, maybe after I release Dyson’s Delves II I’ll actually re-release Goblin Gully on it’s own.

Goblin Gully, Redrawn

Goblin Gully, Redrawn

Within a day or two of finishing the redraw and putting it in the book, I got a message from Guillaume Rondon that he had put together a French translation of Goblin Gully – so I threw the new version of the map over to him so the French edition would be the first public release of the new facelift of Goblin Gully.

You can check out “La Ravine des Gobelins” right here! (PDF link)

(And as a footnote, with Dyson’s Delve in Dyson’s Delves I and Goblin Gully in Dyson’s Delves II, I guess I’ll have to give Challenge of the Frog Idol a makeover for Dyson’s Delves III, eh?)