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Zaelen is a zealous and insane cleric of community. He was originally a con artist who masqueraded as a small-town priest until he saw the power of community in action as the town came together under the banner of the church to fend off attacking barbarians.

As a true cleric of the faith, he tried to build up communities to get people to work together, but always he ran into the problems of people not getting along, communities fracturing, and the issue of “individuality” being a problem when communities weren’t faced with a common foe.

Driven a bit mad after a few too many encounters with koprou on a distant island, Zaelen finally settled down and started building his “perfect community”. Thirty years of patience and magical cross-breeding villagers with lawful insectoid creatures from the plane of earth…

Now the town is abandoned, and the little church by the town square is mostly full of rubble, dirt and rocks, with more piled up in the graveyard behind it. But beneath the church, Zaelen’s obsession remains hidden in Zaelen’s Hive.

Zaelen's Hive

Zaelen’s Hive

Zaelen’s Hive is a wee little map drawn with 0.5mm and 0.7mm gel pens in a heavy sketchbook. It was then scanned and lightly enhanced in Photoshop. It’s available for your use under the usual gentleman’s agreement, thanks to the awesome patrons of the Dodecahedron – people like Mike Therrien (occasional gaming podcaster at Power to the Meeple!) and Mike Page (hey! It’s thank Mike day!) who contribute to the Patreon Campaign to keep me drawing maps and writing adventures and posting them for your free use.