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Maker's Hall

Maker’s Hall

One of my favourite recent maps was Maker’s Hall. I like the multiple paths through the dungeon instead of the raw linear design it may appear to have to PCs on their first pass through it. Plus I like the mix of straight and curved hallways, the detail work, and the funky round room.

And the best part of the whole thing – I’m obviously not alone in this. Jürgen Mayer flagged me over on google+ with a system-neutral adventure he had written using this map and some of the commentary that appeared about it and secret doors in the comments section of the blog.

The end result also has a way cooler name than Maker’s Hall… so, without further ado, allow me to present to you Mr Mayer’s…

Cult of the Skin Demon

Cult of the Skin Demon (click to view PDF)