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When Rafael Chandler asked me to draw a map for Bad Myrmidon and explained what the general feel of the adventure would be, my first thought went to this map I drew less than a month before. Except of course that this map had the main encounter room as the first major room you wander into, with the other cool stuff jumbled around the outer edges of that main room.

Champion's Retreat

Champion’s Retreat

I also really like how the map looks like some sort of crabby thing is watching the front entrance, ready to grab intruders with it’s arrow-slit-enhanced claws.

Champion’s Retreat was drawn using 0.7mm and 0.5mm gel pens in my dollar store mapping book, then scanned and lightly enhanced in Photoshop. It is your’s to enjoy (in a non-commercial manner) courtesy of the awesome people who support my mapping and adventure design through my Patreon Campaign – people like Evil Hat Productions and the inestimable Jamie Curierre. Thank you for making the continued output of Dyson’s Dodecahedron possible!