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Deep underground, dwarven construction teams built the passages and rooms of Firebeard’s Cut along the fault lines of the hard rock of the area. Dark and cold now for so many years, these halls cut through the stone along sharp angles with clean utilitarian ornamentation.

Firebeard's Cut

Firebeard’s Cut

Firebeard’s Cut was drawn to link to other maps together for those games when one small map just isn’t enough dungeon for one adventure. It was also a practice piece for me, as it involves lots of straight line work and 90 and 45 degree angles, and was drawn without the use of graph paper or a graph backing page.

This map was drawn in my sketchbook using 0.7mm gel pens, scanned and lightly enhanced in Photoshop. It is made available for your games courtesy of the awesome people who support the Dodecahedron through my Patreon Campaign – people like Andy Hall and Mikael Hansson who are keeping the maps flowing.