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I generally assume that my taste in RPG art is not the general taste. For instance, I am not a fan of Larry Elmore’s work. I won’t claim that it lacks technical merit or that it lacks soul or that there is something wrong with it. What I do know is that it doesn’t turn my crank at all. It’s one of the elements that makes me not enjoy the 1983 BECMI edition of D&D, instead loving the weird art of the 1981 B/X edition.

There’s another artist on my list though that I note whenever I come across his work. He’s back in circulation these days with Goodman Games at least, and maybe other publishers too (but so far I’ve only noted his work with Goodman these days). I was reminded of him when I posted the cover of Chagmat two days ago.

Jim Holloway

I love his style. It’s corny. It’s funny. It’s pretty fucking cool.

It totally doesn’t work for D&D for me.

Part of the problem for me is that he is THE iconic illustrator of Paranoia. His style is PERFECT for that game because I swear the game was written to his art even more than his art was drawn for the game. The piece I always flash to, however, isn’t even a Paranoia piece. It’s a piece he drew for a fan article for Car Wars published in Dragon #117 (remember when Dragon was about non-D&D games too? Even that late in the run…)

Tanks for the Memories.

Click on it to see it in a nice large view. It is glorious, overly-detailed and full of fun.

Tanks for the Memories by Jim Holloway

Tanks for the Memories by Jim Holloway