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Drawn as part of the same exercise that brought us Firebeard’s Cut last week (and all the lively discussion that map spawned on google+ regarding the realism or lack thereof of long underground corridors and so on), Traven’s Redoubt is an exercise in straight line corridors and 90 and 45 degree work without the use of a grid or grid backing.

This particular map links to three other maps – any of these (or all of these) could be entrances to the dungeon, or all could be other dungeon maps that you want to convert into something bigger. In fact, I put together a map showing how I would use this as a linkage between maps… I’ll post it on Saturday.

Traven's Redoubt

Traven’s Redoubt

Traven’s Redoubt was drawn with a pair of gel pens – 0.7mm and 0.5mm (the larger for the walls, the smaller for the detail work and crosshatching). It was drawn in my new sketchbook that I got at the end of October (which has nice thick paper that just sucks up ink). It started with a rough set of straight lines laid out on the page in pencil that I then converted into these rooms and halls in pen as I went along.

Traven’s Redoubt is a free resource for you to use in your dungeon-delving role-playing games courtesy of the awesome crew of patrons who pay for these maps to be released to the public week after week. All my patrons rock my socks off (really, I’m sockless at this very moment, which is an uncomfortable situation in the chilly Canadian winter) by providing me with the support to keep doing this. Patrons like Wayne Rossi of Semper Initiativus Unum and Erik Tenkar of Tenkar’s Tavern who paid for the map you are seeing right here.

If you would like to see your name there and think that my maps are worth backing with a bit of cash, check out my Patreon Campaign for how it all works.