As part of my Patreon campaign, I jokingly added a goal level where I would be able to buy myself inebriants every month should that goal be reached. Originally it was a joke because I was sure it would take months if not years of work to achieve the target of $60 per map. I was actually figuring I would replace that goal after four or five months and put in something that would appeal to my patrons and make them want to give me that little bit extra to get me across the $60 line.

As we know, I hit the $60 goal in just over a week.

So, as promised, I acquired inebriants in both the months of December and January (and expect to acquire more in February).

December, being host to Christmas, required a drink that I could use festively. Something that both my girlfriend and I would enjoy, and that I wouldn’t find myself overindulging in and becoming a boorish drunk (I’ll do that this month).

baileys-irish-creamSo, I made the long trek to the liquor store (a new L.C.B.O. just opened up a half-block from my place) and shopped through their selection of Cream Liquors / Liqueurs.

In the end, mostly because of volume and my girlfriend’s love of the stuff, I grabbed the biggest bottle of Bailey’s on the shelf. There wasn’t actually a lot of choice at that location since it was brand new – either Bailey’s or Forty Creek – and the Bailey’s was available in the sugar-coma inducing 1.75L size.

I find Bailey’s to be an acceptable Irish cream, but it’s far from stellar. But there are days where I’m quite happy with acceptable. Hell, there were years where acceptable was asking a lot from my inebriants (I’m looking askance at you, Lucky Lager, and the most hideous of alcohol-based things, Labatt Bleue 40oz strong beer).

Irish cream on ice is a nice evening treat. It makes me and my stomach happy. However, I can’t drink enough of it to get really inebriated without feeling like I’ve also dipped my brain in a bath of liquid sugar. So…

new-bushmills-bottle_2In January I spent my Patreon moneyz on a nice bottle of Bushmills. You see, while I’m a fan of cigars and whiskey (or cigars and rum), I’m not a fan of Scotch. Which feels a bit like treason for someone of Scottish ancestry and penny-pinching ways.

But all that said, I just don’t like the smokiness of Scotch, so I stick to Irish. Again, the new LCBO just down the street didn’t have a lot of selection (and it’s a fucking huge LCBO to boot – but the shelves are stocked with row after row of the same stuff). I was looking for a bottle of Merry’s or maybe Writer’s Tears Pot Still Whiskey… But neither were available and I had to choose between the standard three – Jameson’s, Bushmills and Tullamore Dew. I find there’s not enough body to Tullamore Dew and I’m not a fan of Jameson’s. So the Bushmills won a coveted spot in my groceries.

I like Bushmills because it is somewhat caramely in flavour without being sweet. It’s a nice combination that always works for me. It works particularly nicely with a beer or a cigar in the other hand. That said, I don’t smoke in my apartment, and it’s too damned cold to settle down in the courtyard for a nice long puff at a cigar with the Bushmills keeping me company. That’s something that will have to wait until summer. But then again, by summer I will have that bottle of Writer’s Tears in hand, which I am truly looking forward to.

In fact, I expect that Writer’s Tears will be my purchase this month when the Patreon funds come in (after paying rent). The name appeals to me…