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Hey look, I bought a compass!

No, seriously. That’s exactly what triggered this map – I picked up a compass in November (along with some circle templates) and this was the result of me doodling with its help a few days later while at a long and boring meeting.

The Seer’s Font is a temple cut under the roots of a massive tree. The central circular chambers are walled in ancient roots and a pair of small fountains are on the upper level of this central chamber. The true seer’s font however is in a smaller chamber just off the side of the great room and down a small flight of stairs. The seer is an ancient man, now seemingly more tree than human, who stares into the font for weeks and months at a time, occasionally murmuring prophecies and observations of the world around him.

Over time, an institution has grown up around the ancient seer – a small obsequious army of tree-hugging troglodytes that the seer seems to be fortunate enough to not notice the incredible stink of. These dark green troglodytes speak among themselves in dwarven, and occasionally break into common when discussing the words of the seer or when dealing with petitioners to the font. They are generally non-hostile, but encourage significant “donations” to the font and seer (as administered by the trogs) in order to spend any amount of time in the company of the seer.

The Seer's Font

The Seer’s Font

The Seer’s Font was drawn in my recently-acquired sketchbook after lightly sketching out a few circles in pencil using my new compass. The 14 year old inside me (mostly silent now for the past 28 years) immediately screams “BOOBIES!” when looking at the map.

It also looks like a freaked out fat beetle.

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