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On Tuesday I mentioned making a map that takes advantage of the various “linking” maps I’ve posted to the blog. So, I sat down with my map collection and photoshop and put together a true “Frankenmap”. I was originally going to post this on Wednesday, but then I realized that it included a map I hadn’t posted to the blog yet, so I held off until I posted yesterday’s Seer’s Font.

Dyson's Great Map MashUp

Dyson’s Great Map MashUp

Originally it started as a way of showing how to use Firebeard’s Cut and Traven’s Redoubt to link other maps from the blog together… but I got a little out of control and the end product is somewhat larger than I originally anticipated when I started the process.

This monster of a map incorporates “a few” maps that I’ve posted over the last while to the blog.

So, who’s volunteering to key this overgrown monstrosity?

Based on popular demand on Google+ and in private, here’s an even higher resolution copy you can work with. (7 megabyte jpg image)