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Lost Coppers Header copy

I’m loving the entries I’ve received for the Dungeon of Lost Coppers contest. There have been some bizarre and unique entries as well as entries more along the lines that I expected as we explored the dungeon together. Now approaching two dozen entries in the contest, here’s some of the more colourful entries received lately:

Ignatio H's Entry

Ignatio H’s Entry

I like how Ignatio’s entry adds the collapsed entry area and uses nice simple lines. It’s also colour-coordinated with the contest header graphic. 🙂

Garrett G's Entry

Garrett G’s Entry

I was blown away with Garrett’s entry – just changing the colour of the “rock” changes the whole concept of the map from a dungeon to a funky harbour.

Gus L's Entry

Gus L’s Entry

I’m a huge fan of Gus’ mapping in general – this particular one doesn’t turn the whole map inside out like Garrett’s entry, but it is awesome in how many additional ways in and out he’s added.

Joel B's Entry

Joel B’s Entry

This last one from Joel looks very different than the baseline maps so far, but he also included one with the original map overlaid upon it which clearly shows the original map and how he worked from it. I’m quite impressed.

More entries will go up over the next two weeks. Remember, the Dungeon of Lost Coppers contest ends on February 23rd!