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I was going to write some clever stuff here, but the reality is that I’m doped up to the gills with Dilaudid right now and whatever I write I’m sure I’ll find far more clever / funny than it actually is.

Thus, I will instead present to you several more entries into the Dungeon Of Lost Coppers contest! 29 Entries have been received so far, so get your’s in too!

Today I’m focusing on B&W entries –

Erin B's Entry

Erin B’s Entry

Erin’s entry reminds me of my own maps from a few years ago. Nice use of multiple elevations, and simple cross-hatching.

Gary B's Entry

Gary B’s Entry

Gary’s entry uses a great method of indicating negative space and I love the water details he’s added. One of the first things I look at when I check out an entry is to see what was done with the secret hall with the three pillars on the upper-right side. I like how Gary has turned that hall into a bridge.

James J's Entry

James J’s Entry

James’ entry is very clean (as befitting a digital entry). The cloning of a piece of my crosshatching as a brush to do further crosshatching lends it a strange “magic eye 3D” effect to my drug-addled brain. He also manages to make it pretty dense (with overlapping areas and tight spacing) without it becoming a jumble of confusion.