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Lost Coppers Header copyIt’s been over a week now that intrepid explorers have been documenting the interior of the Dungeon of Lost Coppers. Each has brought back a different, conflicting account of what is to be found in that mysterious dungeon.

Remember, the Dungeon of Lost Coppers contest can be won by anybody – the list of entries is curated to remove any “joke” entries (none have been received so far, btw), and from the curated list a winner will be selected at random. So grab one of the two existing maps of the entries into the dungeon and see what you find!

Dave's Entry

Dave’s Entry

Dave discovered an island that contains the dungeon and a few minor fortresses and sandy caves.

The Rubber Duck's Entry

The Rubber Duck’s Entry

The Rubber Duck’s entry is a nice and clean collection of crypts and cells with the water cave somehow “intruding” into the design. It’s also a reminder that you don’t need a scanner to enter, as almost everyone has access to someone with a cellphone camera.

Mark C.'s Entry

Mark C.’s Entry

Portions of Mark’s entry have collapsed into a water-filled cavern of immense size. And he uses a nice simple stippling fill.

Edward W's Entry

Edward W’s Entry

Finally, Edward’s entry uses a cool mirror image motif and includes the long-forgotten one-way secret door!

Remember, the contest ends on Sunday, February 23rd at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. So you still have time to gather a party of stout adventurers and bring back your own map of the mysterious dungeon!