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Subha is a mighty warlord of the Satrapy who has carved out his own subdomain in the mountains that form the southern border against the Empire. The Satrap encourages Subha’s ambitions because Subha’s domain acts as a further defensive boundary between his lands and the aggressive expansion of the Empire.

There is a secret to Subha’s domain however, a magical pool beneath Subha’s tower. While the existence of the pool is not general knowledge, word has spread that Subha brings those most loyal to him to a “fountain” hidden somewhere in his domain. The rumoured magical powers of the fountain include longevity, protection from wounds in battle, bravery, and healing (depending on who you are talking to at the time).

Subha's Fountain

Subha’s Fountain

Subha’s Fountain was drawn using a Micron 03 for the walls and a Micron 01 for the cross-hatching, doors and other detail work. It was drawn in a single draft (no pre-work in pencil – straight to micron) on standard 4-quad graph paper.

This map is available for free for you to use in your home games or your non-commercial works courtesy of Jochen Linnemann, Anders Nordberg, Nadav Ben Dov , Joel Beardshaw and the other patrons who are sponsoring my cartography and adventure writing through the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign.