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The Dungeon of Lost Coppers competition is nearing it’s inevitable end. This is your second-last reminder that you have until 11:59 PM, Sunday, February 23rd (Eastern Standard Time) 2014 to submit your maps of the dungeon in order to win one of the last remaining copies of Dyson’s Delves Deluxe Edition (which contains an adventure not available anywhere else) with at least one hand-written new adventure added to it before I send it out.

Remember that this is a lottery-style contest – every entry that makes it past the curating stage is entered in the lottery to win the contest. So you don’t have to try to compete with the cartographic stylings of Gus L or any of the master cartographers who have submitted so far.

Speaking of which, here are some more of the over 40 entries received so far:

Andrew S's Entry

Andrew S’s Entry

This one by Andrew Shields is distinctly one of his. I like the descriptive text of the various areas as well as the use of grey for water. A lot of the maps have used water in an excellent manner that I had not considered at all when I drew my original map.

Earte's Lost Coppers

Earte’s Lost Coppers

I love the way this entry ran with the theme presented by the statue on the island. This whole area would feel very weird to explore, with huge pools everywhere, each containing a statue on an island just within the light of your torch when standing on the shore of the pool. I also love how the stone path that I drew on the original has been reproduced and expanded.

ZF's Entry

ZF’s Entry

Very simple in design, I like the crack that leads from the pool room, across the secret entrance/exit passage and then to two crevasses outside the dungeon proper.

JLDM's Entry

JLDM’s Entry

Have you ever had that moment when you realized that the possibility exists that either you’ve done too much to help people do what you do, or that what you do might not take as much skill as you like to think it does? That’s what I got from this last entry for today. This is a crazy-dense dungeon design that looks and feels like I drew it. I’m really kind of stunned by it.

A lot more entries have been received so far than the ones I’ve posted so far. I’ll get them all up on the blog as time goes by (although I’m sure most will end up going up after the contest is over) – so don’t panic if I haven’t posted your entry yet. If you sent in an entry to the contest and haven’t received an email back indicating that your entry has been received and curated, you may want to email me and/or resend it to make sure I’ve got it in the contest entry pile.