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Lost Coppers Header copy

This is your last chance to get your maps in to win one of the very last copies of the Deluxe Edition of Dyson’s Delves. Not only does the winner of the Dungeon of Lost Coppers competition get one of these rare books (there were only slightly over 100 copies printed and no more will ever go to the printer), but I’ll personally add at least one new adventure to the book for your enjoyment.

What do you have to do? Finish one of my maps that I was too lazy to finish, and then send me a copy of the final piece. Check out the Contest Page for more information, but note that the winner isn’t the “best” interpretation of the map, but is instead being chosen randomly from among those entries received and curated.

The contest closes tonight at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Want to see some of the awesome entries received so far?

Dave's Kobold Arenas

Dave’s Kobold Arenas

Mica's Huge Caves

Mica’s Huge Caves

Simon's Waterfall

Simon’s Waterfall

Chris' Exploration History

Chris’ Exploration History

Pope Dale's Colourful Caves

Pope Dale’s Colourful Caves