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Something happened to the town of Baybeach. Only a few of the houses remain standing, accented by dead and leafless trees, all standing about the dark stone mass of the town church. Even those houses that still have steady and solid walls have had their roofs partially collapsed or burned away… 

Ruins About the Church

Ruins About the Church

I got a sweet notebook from one of my D&D players where each perforated page has lines on one side and a nice blue grid on the other. The paper is nice and heavy and smooth and feels nice under the pen. Unfortunately, due to the colour & darkness of the grid, I’m finding it hellish to clean the grid out from my scans. The temple map from Scarlet Heroes that I posted yesterday was also drawn on this paper and took forever and a few tricks to clean it up in photoshop in the end.

The Ruins About the Church was drawn in a single draft using 01 and 03 Micron pens on 4 grid/inch graph paper. It is presented here for your use thanks to the support of Victor Wyatt, Matt Greenfelder, Marcus Burggraf and other supporting patrons of the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign. If you like these maps and would like to contribute to me making more maps like it available for free, check out the campaign yourself!