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That’s right, it’s the cover proof for Dyson’s Delves II. The whole thing (152 pages) is at the printer right now and I’m sitting on my hands here waiting for the proof copy to come back so I can put this sucker up for sale.

Like the original, it will be available in three formats:

  • $10 – PDF Edition
  • $20 – Softcover / Perfectbound edition
  • $35 – Hardcover / Casebound edition

Each edition is like the original Dyson’s Delves – a 6″ x 9″ 150 page book ready for your use. There is no special “Deluxe Edition” this time as you have all been awesome enough to keep me on-line through your purchases of my other books and supporting the Patreon campaign for my maps.

Speaking of Patreon, anyone in the $5 level of the Patreon campaign at time of release (and who has been at that level for at least four maps in February) will be receiving a link to purchase the softcover or hardcover edition of the book at cost from Lulu.

Here’s the table of contents of the book (click to embiggen)