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While I often draw maps with open connections where they can be linked to other maps, this map and the two I’ll post next week are designed to connect together into a larger dungeon map centred around an underground chasm.

Waynnor Mountain (on the western edge of the Kingdom of Garebeth) is known to the dwarves and orcs of the region as the Torn Mountain because of the massive chasm that seems to have been torn into the very roots of the stone.

Torn Mountain - Part 1

Torn Mountain – Part 1

This map of the northernmost elements of the Torn Mountain was drawn in a single draft using a 03 Micron pen for the walls and a 01 Micron pen for the detail work and crosshatching. It was drawn in a 5 x 7 sketchbook without a grid (thus explaining the various angles of passages involved in the Torn Mountain dungeons).

This map is available for free for you to use in your home games or your non-commercial works courtesy of  Todd Beaubien, Thor Olavsrud, Stephan A. Terre, and the other patrons who are sponsoring my cartography and adventure writing through the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign.

Also, don’t forget that yesterday I released the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Dyson’s Delves. Dyson’s Delves II contains 7 adventures and 44 unkeyed maps for use in your OSR campaign! Check it out in print and in PDF.