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Here is the third and “final” Torn Mountain map. The first map was really intended to stand on it’s own, but once I got the bug to expand on it, I had to run this set of three. Who knows though – in another month I might add a set of stairs leading deeper into the depths of Torn Mountain and thus to a set of lower caverns and dungeons at least a hundred feet below the bridges and caves in this map set.

Torn Mountain Map 3

Torn Mountain Map 3

The Torn Mountain maps were drawn using Micron 03 and Micron 01 pens on the heavy paper of the 5 x 8 sketchbook I picked up back in October. I’d be VERY interested in seeing what you do with these three maps!

These maps are made available to you thanks to Al Gordon, Lester Ward, Brent Newhall, and the other patrons who contribute every month to keeping the blog running via the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign. If you like these kinds of maps – check out the Patreon Campaign or the two books of adventures and maps I’ve released – Dyson’s Delves and Dyson’s Delves II.