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I love the look of isometric maps. I’m not all that skilled at crafting them though. Some time last summer (July-ish), I printed off some isometric graph paper and tried my hand at it, drawing up a dungeon, some doodles and an isometric version of Stuart Robertson’s OSR logo.

I also drew this one the next week and totally forgot about ever scanning the damned thing.

Isometric Dungeon #2

Isometric Dungeon #2

It’s my considered opinion that dungeons should be 3-dimensional structures (in general), although I find it much harder to put them together using a three-dimensional mapping coordinate system like this. So you don’t get lost figuring it out, the two entrances to the dungeon are on the same vertical level.

I think the whole thing might have looked better if I had decided to draw walls along the back walls of each room, cave and hallway. In fact, I tried my hand at a similar isometric map at the beginning of the month (while waiting for Patreon to send me the funds from all the awesome patrons who keep the blog alive and kicking) and will post it on Tuesday.