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At the beginning of this month I dug up my isometric graph paper again to work on another iso dungeon – partially because I really have to get better at them and partially because I totally picture doing one with Luka Rejec where I draw up an isometric dungeon and he populates it with strange beasties and other fun.

Isometric Dungeon #3

Isometric Dungeon #3

Unlike the other iso maps I’ve drawn on this paper, this one has 3D walls like the isometric OSR logo I drew up over the summer. I like the final effect, but it certainly takes a lot more room on the paper, meaning that that the final dungeon has a lot less square footage of floorspace (in order to keep the walls from actually going over the corridors, I had to use a standard of 2-square wide hallways and 1-square tall walls).

I really like how the walls came out in the natural caves in this one. However, it also has a goof-up in the natural caves – the natural stairs only descend three “levels” whereas the location they descend to is four “levels” below the top of the stairs… and yet they meet up fine. If this map was re-drawn from a standard overhead perspective, this wouldn’t work at all.