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I’m starting up a new 3.5 D&D campaign – and with a new campaign I of course need a new area to run the campaign in (still in my standard campaign setting, but somewhere different than the last few games that took place in the Sabre Lake area).

The Atharva Plateau Players' Map

The Atharva Plateau Players’ Map

This map includes several places already mapped out on the blog – and the DM map has even more such locations. The only location specifically not mapped out yet is the city where the game will be based out of – Atharva’s Point.

Spoiler Alert: Hey you, if you are playing in the Atharva Plateau Campaign, do not scroll down to the next map. It’s the “DM Map” that includes a bunch of the adventure locations from the blog.

The Atharva Plateau DM Map

The Atharva Plateau DM Map

Feel free to play with these maps as you please – I’m also drawing maps covering the coastline north and south of this map and will be posting them in time.