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I maintain a “why you don’t want to commission me” document that I send off to people who contact me to draw maps for their adventures and other gaming products. In time I’ll finally put together a proper portfolio of professional works here on the blog to go with it (with the maps I’ve drawn for Small Niche Games, Open Design, Ron Edwards, Venger Satanis and more). But for now it’s mostly a reminder that I’m not a reliable freelancer, that my wait times are often huge, and that I occasionally cancel a project without warning because it just isn’t turning my crank anymore. It also includes a link to a post on Google+ that I aim them at before I’ll allow them to hire me.


It also has my current pricing which I often adjust on-the-fly based on how cool a project sounds and how much I want to get involved with it. Finally, it has a new note added to it as of this week – urban maps cost double. Not because I don’t like drawing cities and towns (I love them), but because they take 3-5 times as long to draw as a dungeon (or longer!)