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Last year I did a series of posts detailing the Lost Maps – a set of maps I discovered while going through my stuff looking for the original version of the Mapper’s Challenge.

I never scanned all the Lost Maps because there were a LOT of them and I wanted to focus on my new work again. But last month I was looking for a map I had drawn for The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence and came across the Lost Maps folder again.

One of the best pieces in that folder is a collection of maps that I drew for a Labyrinth Lord campaign at the beginning of 2010. Fedor’s Pass is a mountain pass north of Sabre Lake (that didn’t appear in my second Sabre Lake campaign at all because I was avoiding mega-dungeons for that one).

Fedor's Pass - Side View

Fedor’s Pass – Side View

In all there are eight maps in this set – this side view and seven detail maps that I’ll be posting over the next couple of weeks. All of these maps are drawn in plain old HB (#2) pencil on plain white paper without a grid or other guidelines (and it shows occasionally when I lose control of my lines and they start to bend for no reason – like how the Opal Lake fortress is a few degrees off from the main dungeons).

The killer is of course that several areas of the map have never been drawn. There’s little penciled-in “?”s wherever I noted a section of the side view map that I hadn’t drawn a detail map for. Hell, in the campaign I ended up having to use “The Circle of Doom” for the level above the Palace level because the party went there… That still leaves three major levels unmapped and three smaller caves (the ones above and below Opal Lake and the one opposite the plateau).

Here’s the first detail map – the Plateau Ruins

Fedor's Pass - Plateau Ruins Detail

Fedor’s Pass – Plateau Ruins Detail

Today’s focus is on the ruins at the top of the plateau – shown on the side view map as the “Plateau Ruins” with a pair of ruined stone buildings (one far more ruined than the other).

Since the exterior doors to the Lower Fortress level of Fedor’s Pass are sealed by a potent Wizard Lock, most explorations of the pass begin up on the plateau where an old keep and the ruins of another stone structure watch over the pass below.

The keep (frequently used as a waystation by various groups and humanoids) is surrounded by a shallow moat which is in turn fed from the Opal Lake in the cave behind the trees on the plateau. An area northeast of the keep has turned swampy due to lack of maintenance of the grounds, and the moat on the northwest side of the keep is basically stagnant as the water runs along the southeast routing before spilling over the south side of the plateau to the pass below.

As with the rest of the Lost Maps series, this map was drawn in pencil on plain white paper. It is made available to you thanks to the many awesome supporters of the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign – people like Paul MacDonald, John Eternal and Guy Hoyle.