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Back in February, I posted the first two of three sections for my Fiasco D&D startup set. The goal is to use the setup system from the Fiasco RPG to produce a web of interconnected characters for a D&D game. The trick of course is that unlike in Fiasco, the goal here is to give the characters reason to work together, not to explode like a poorly primed grenade.

So, here’s the last section of said list (Locations). I didn’t do an Objects list (like in normal Fiasco) because I know D&D players… they will clamp on to those objects so damned fast that I’d lose fingers just for holding the sheet. I had some good ideas for an objects list, but that realization (in many cases, I could totally see players ignoring locations and needs and just adding more and more objects because, hey, free stuff!) made me shelve that list completely.

These locations are all set in and around Atharva’s Point and the Atharva Plateau, where the game is starting.


1. The Dig

     1. … The Keep by the Dig Site
     2. … Ruined fort Tenras on the roadside
     3. … Soren’s Dig – an old tower and ruins beneath
     4. … Turek the taskmaster’s estate
     5. … The Chapel
     6. … The workers’ village and their rotgut still

2. Back Alley Business

     1. … The Twisted Octopus (A tavern)
     2. … The House of Mermaids (A house of ill repute)
     3. … The stinking tannery near the North Gate
     4. … Hezrow’s Public Bathhouse
     5. … Garston’s Pawnshop on the Street of Red Lanterns
     6. … Guvrek’s Dwarven Slaughterhouse

3. Places of Refinement

     1. … The Den of Gilded Lanterns (A reputable establishment)
     2. … A Temple along Temple Road
     3. … Private residence of a local noble
     4. … The Dragon’s Oasis (A classy place to drink)
     5. … The Opera House
     6. … The Duke’s Plaza

4. In The Distance

     1. … Ravenson’s Landing, a small smuggling village
     2. … Perrol on the Mount, a fortified mountain keep & town
     3. … Epherin’s Keep, home of a dwarven clan
     4. … Owen’s abandoned gold mine, far to the west
     5. … Hurren, City of the Elders
     6. … Jacob’s Spur, major trading partner of Atharva’s Point

5. Beyond the Wall

     1. … An abandoned farmstead
     2. … The shrine at the crossroads
     3. … The ancient oak
     4. … Old Hangman’s Coaching Inn
     5. … The gypsy fortune teller
     6. … The charred remnants of a trade caravan

6. Holes in the Walls, Cracks in the Walks

     1. … Silliphen’s Gambling House
     2. … The Charnel House’s back room
     3. … Secret Chapel of the Heretics
     4. … Captain Del Rueh’s Watch Tower
     5. … The Ruins of Hapt’s Temple
     6. … The Thieves’ Guild