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Duh, I figured I should share the actual final sheets as we used them at the table, eh?

In use, use the normal Fiasco system (a pool of 4d6 per player present, each player must have a relationship with the player to the right and left of them, and each relationship must either have a Desire/Need or a Location).

Totally Not a D&D Fiasco

Totally Not a D&D Fiasco

Click on the image to download the PDF playset.

Here’s the original posts detailing the process of creating these sheets.

Last night we finally did the relationship generation for the new 3.5 DnD game that launches on Sunday. Our team ended up being driven by violence with three of four relationships having “to crush our enemies…” needs/desires, and one of those relationships is based on violence to begin with (veterans of the recent war of conquest who were on the losing side).

It feels right.