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Today’s map is a sneak-peak into one of two adventures I’ve got brewing on the back-burner. The full title of this map is “Secrets of the Frog Idol – The Cenote Shrine” – it’s a map for an expanded version of my Challenge of the Frog Idol adventure that I wrote a few years ago. The goal is to stretch the module into a much more detailed sandbox environment with less emphasis on the fetch-quest element and more on the Black Mire, the various cults and ruins in the area, and so on.

The villagers above this particular cenote are unaware of the shrine that is beneath them, using the cenote as a place to dispose of their dead, aged, and infirm. The cave entrance to the cenote is hidden in the forest, protected by a foul beast that lives within it and is clever enough to only eat the occasional goat of the villagers instead of the villagers themselves.

The shrine itself is a long abandoned temple of the Frog Idol, now partially flooded and ripe for plundering.

The Cenote Shrine

The Cenote Shrine

The Cenote Shrine was drawn using Sakura Micon pens and was scanned and contrast-enhanced using Photoshop. It is made available for your use courtesy of Lorne Cooper, Simon Forster, Jeff Russell and the rest of the amazing people who pay to make these maps possible through my Patreon Campaign.