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A few miles from the nearest outposts of civilization, just over those hills to the west of here, are the old estates of the Trent family. Sitting almost smugly on a hill in the midst of overgrown hedge mazes and fallow fields is the manor of “Mad” Fenrick Trent. Sure the first parts of the structure were initially built by his grandfather, and the last Trents to live in it were his great-grandchildren, but Mad Fenrick is the Trent who put the most work into the half-fortified squat monstrosity.

Mad Fenrick's Manor

Mad Fenrick’s Manor

26 years ago, sometime this month, my AD&D group adventured into Tegel Manor. It was a strange adventure, and we didn’t stay too long (four sessions? long enough to realize the module was larger than our attention span, and to get the one thing we needed). However, the map of Tegel Manor left an impression with me that I haven’t shaken after all these years. And I finally feel I have the skills to let that impression take form – in the significantly smaller form of Mad Fenrick’s Manor.

(and without it being as overwhelming as the classic manor with it’s 180+ locations before heading to the dungeon levels below…)

Speaking of dungeon levels below, I included stairs down to something below the manor itself… I’ll draw that up and post it on Friday.

Mad Fenrick’s Manor was drawn using Sakura Micron 01 and 005 pens on 8 square per inch graph paper, and was then scanned and contrast-enhanced in Photoshop. It is presented here for your free non-commercial use and abuse thanks to the amazing patrons of the Dodecahedron who support the blog through my Patreon Campaign.