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Of course, a massive cobbled together and defensively structured manor like Mad Fenrick’s Manor doesn’t stop with just the main level and a few towers. In the main courtyard of the manor is a set of stairs that originally lead to the Trent family crypt, but that now connects to a small dungeon (as well as Mad Fenrick’s Root Cellar, Mad Fenrick’s Family Crypt, Mad Fenrick’s U-Store-It, and Mad Fenrick’s Large Rodent Repository., of course).

With the manor grounds now abandoned, who knows the sorts of things that crawl about beneath the old manor house. Whatever they are, they are probably very lonely and would love to play with any visitors.

Welcome to Mad Fenrick’s Basement! Stay a while… Stay FOREVER!

Mad Fenrick's Basement

Mad Fenrick’s Basement

Mad Fenrick’s Basement was drawn using a Micron 03 and Micron 01 pen on 8 square per inch graph paper. It was scanned and contrast-enhanced in Photoshop.