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I like adventure locations without an obvious “this is the important bit” marker. This map is chock full of little places where fun can be had (or characters slain). We have woods to the north, with a clearing and a circle of standing stones. We have the burned out ruins of a small collection of buildings just north of the centre of the map. There’s a lake just begging for a watery tart to lob scimitars from. There’s a tower and fortress that is difficult to access, along with a second fort protecting it. And of course we have natural caves under the rise to the west, which have been modified at one end to include some rooms and what appears to be a cavern shrine that’s been partially upgraded by the worshipful (or those seeking the approval of the worshipful).

This leaves us, of course, with a good dozen places that you could add an access point to another dungeon map.

Chuck's Valley

Chuck’s Valley

Chuck’s Valley was drawn on a much larger page than most of my maps – 11″ by 14″. It was drawn using pencil for the rough draft, followed up by inking with Sakura Micron pens (01, 02 & 03). Finally it was scanned in two parts, put together in photoshop, and then contrast-enhanced and the water and tree screens were then added. It was drawn specifically for one of my Patrons based on a request for a large map at this size, and the final work involved was a stretch again, but one that I’ve been “training for” with the various full page maps I’ve been drawing lately.

Have I mentioned how awesome my Patreon patrons are? They are the ones pushing me into new awesome maps and the evolution of my skillset and the improvement of the tools I’m working with. They are also the incredible people who pay to keep maps like these free for your use. Thanks patrons, you rock my socks off.