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Whenever I pull out the random dungeon generator from the classic 1e DMG (which I used to do a lot as a teen and still do on occasion), I’m haunted by the indication that we should have fully mapped and detailed surface ruins prepared before going into the actual act of dungeon generation. You see, I rarely had a surface ruin to start with, just whatever first room I chose from the random generator.

I drew Namurta’s Halls so I would have something that could be used with the generator. Purely coincidentally, it can also be used with my classic mini megadungeon, Dyson’s Delve – the tower in the lower right and the cave on the hillside beneath it are just about perfect for that dungeon setup – leaving you with three additional entrances that can lead to other dungeons (the entrance in the sinkhole, the cave in the upper right hill, and of course the stairs under the old church).

Namurta's Halls - Surface

Namurta’s Halls – Surface

I also asked around on my google+ feed for what people would like to see under Namurta’s Halls (if not using a random dungeon generator) and on Friday I’ll post the first result of those requests (there may be more!).