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While I originally drew Namurta’s Halls for use as the launching point for random dungeon generation (and potentially as the home of the classic Dyson’s Delve), I asked around my google+ circles for what people would like to see underneath it. In the end I was inspired by a response by Chris Mata asking for “One cave & three mini dungeons, only one overall complex. The cave should be huge and the ceiling at least 100ft high on average.”

In the end, I didn’t go with a full 100′ ceiling height. I think the rough ceiling height for the biggest parts of the cave is 70′, with the upper platform and stone bridge being a good 30′ above the floor. The caves have been expanded on occasion, with some areas becoming full-on “dungeons” and others just slightly upgraded cave walls.

Under Namurta's Halls

Under Namurta’s Halls

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