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Ruins. Ruins rock my boat and feel like the core of D&D for me ever since the adventure in the back of the 1981 Basic rulebook. Today’s small map is a tower built into the side of a hill and the dungeons beneath.

Rising a good thirty feet over the crest of Hound Rock Hill, Dravid’s tower was built into the rocky flank of the hill and once provided a bird’s eye view of the area. Now fallen into ruin and decay, the upper levels of the tower have partially collapsed, leaving much of the interior open to the elements. Access to the lowest level of the tower is through an old trap door (which has been used by travelers because it is probably the most secure area in the tower). In the lower level, a rusted and stuck iron door leads into the hillside proper. There are obvious signs where people (or perhaps roving humanoids) have tried to pry open the door, but it remains sealed, probably by some enchantment or other magic.

Dravid's Tower

Dravid’s Tower

Dravid’s Tower was drawn in a single draft using a Sakura Micron 03 for the walls and a Sakura Micron 01 for the detail work. It’s made available for your free non-commercial use thanks to Patreon patrons like Roger Brasslett, Paul, Earl and Kalyptein.