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This showed up in the mail yesterday


It’s “Bizarre Monsters volume 1” by Casey Sorrow. Well, it’s two copies of said, two prints, some stickers and a t-shirt. Normally I don’t get into kickstarters. I prefer to spend my money on something immediate instead of on the promise of something to come. That’s actually a big part of why I am using a Patreon campaign instead of kickstarting books of maps – I don’t want money for something I will make, I would much rather make stuff and then get paid for it so if I don’t follow through on making stuff, no one loses out and we aren’t stuck waiting for the next failed kickstarter.

But anyways, as I was saying, I don’t usually get into kickstarters, and I’m doubly dubious of kickstarters that show up self-promoted by the author in my Reddit feed. I’m sure you see where this is going, right? When Casey Sorrow showed up on Reddit promoting this Bizarre Monsters kickstarter, I wandered over to the kickstarter page to find something negative to write about. Instead I backed it. I backed it FAST. Turns out, I was the first to back it and went around to a few places to back his promotional efforts up by saying how I’m totally sold on the product.

Now I have it in hand and it totally doesn’t disappoint. This is a digest-sized booklet of 15 new creatures, each awesomely illustrated in black and white. Each creature feels like it was built for an encounter. They feel fun, and look epic. Actually, instead of trying to review the whole thing here, I’m going to aim you to another review posted a couple of days ago that I feel covers the book perfectly: Dispatches from Kickassistan.

Don’t want to read more about it, just need a copy in hand post-haste? Then head on over to Casey’s storefront to grab one for your old school styled fantasy game.