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Along the north edge of the Havenwood is a minor trade road between Lord Thern’s fortress and Perrol on the Mount. Along this road is a small community under the fiefdom of Lord Thern. Known purely by it’s geographic locale (the town on Chalk Hill), this small palisaded community sits on the hilltop overlooking the fields of turnips and wheat that surround it. The very centre of the town is a sturdy stone church, the only stone construction in town, that was built by Lord Thern’s men in the last 15 years, presumably over an older place of worship.

Chalk Hill

Chalk Hill

The town on Chalk Hill was inspired by the town of Corroc that is the heart of the adventure “A Thousand Dead Babies” by Zzarchov Kowolski. It doesn’t match up 1:1 with the town in that adventure, but with a bit of wiggle it can certainly be used in it’s place.

The Town on Chalk Hill is presented free for your non-commercial use thanks to Luis Valesco, David Dowd, Harald Wagener, Dave LeCompte and patrons like you who support the continued production of free maps through my Patreon campaign.