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This map was inspired by Minoan ruins courtesy of Wayne Rossi (the host of the Semper Initiative Unum blog, and author of the Dungeon Crawl ‘zine for which I drew a map in issue 3). He was looking for a set of ruins based on the Palace of Zakros. It was a lot of fun to take the Zakros floorplan and just go nuts with it to produce this confusing ruined monstrosity.

Ruined Palace

Ruined Palace

The layout has multiple elevations within the buildings, making the main courtyard and the areas around it about 4-8 feet higher than the rest of the construction.

The map was drawn on 5-square-per-inch graph paper using a 03 and 01 Sakura Micron and takes up a full 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Unlike most of my maps, this one (and the one to follow this Friday) were originally roughed out in pencil which I then erased after inking and before scanning. After scanning at 600dpi some minor cleanup was done and contrast and brightness were enhanced (+30 brightness, +60 contrast). I use a Diffuse (anisotropic) filter on the 600dpi image and then reduce the image resolution to 300dpi.

The final map is yours to use in a non-commercial manner thanks to the awesome support of the Dodecahedron Patreon patrons like Greg Skinner, Corey Reid (creator of the AWESOME Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island), David Lane and people like YOU who support my cartographic efforts though my Patreon Campaign.