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Ever have one of those maps that just REFUSED to sit nicely on a single sheet of paper?

On two?

Initially the goal was for a dungeon with 60 or slightly more encounter areas that would fit under the Minoan palace ruins posted on Tuesday. I realized as I was drawing it that the way I draw maps, I just couldn’t fit that many rooms onto a sheet of 5-quad graph paper. So I pulled out a second page… then I decided I wanted a section that was off the standard 90 & 45 degree angles of the graph paper as given… In the end we have a map spanning a full page and two little bits of graph paper.

Beneath The Palace - Photo

Beneath The Palace – Photo

After scanning, cleaning and contrast-enhancement (and a 180 degree rotation) we have the final map for play:

The Dungeons Beneath

The Dungeons Beneath

I love collapsed areas. The implication is that this is part of a much larger underground structure prior to the collapse. These areas could be found from another entrance, or could be lost for all time (depending on what you want from the region as a DM).