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I was out last night and around 1am I found myself with nothing to do for a bit. I also realized I didn’t have my paper nor my good pens for mapping. But in my bag I had the pens I used to use until this year. The same Zebra Sarasas that I’d been using since I started posting maps to the blog until I finally ponied up the dough for the Sakura Microns thanks to my Patreon patrons.

So, I pulled out a pen, some cheap 3×5 paper that was nearby, and drew a map. I’m not used to having to avoid touching my work as it dries (the microns are spoiling me) so I ended up smudging some of the slope lines, but those’ll buff out in post-production.

(Photo taken about four minutes into the project – final scan will show up on the blog soon)

The Map That Time Forgot

The Map That Time Forgot