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There’s this guy living in the same city as I do who writes some of THE best damned adventures EVER. (Check them out, each of those words links to a different piece of awesome). Zzarchov Kowolski also has his own RPG system which I picked up a hardcover copy of over the winter.

Anyways, when I heard he was putting Neoclassical Geek Revival into a fifth edition, I asked if he would mind me doing a character sheet for it. Turns out he had already finished putting together the fifth edition (I got a PDF that evening), so I started farting around with a sheet layout, but never finished the job. Last week he dropped me a line asking if it had come to anything because he was going to take the fifth edition to print shortly, so I inked the front page that I had drawn up a month or so ago and posted it to my google+ account for feedback.

The feedback was pretty much “HOLY CRAP, WHAT IS THIS GAME? WHERE DO I GET IT!?”, which is to say generally positive.

NGR Sheet - Front

NGR Sheet – Front

So, I was pretty psyched about the reaction for the front page (PS: the actual layout of the front page is almost 100% identical to the layout of the original sheet by Zzarchov, mine’s just very hand-drawn), but the back page of the official sheet is just two lists. One of skills, one of inventory (or as I call it, Shit I Can Do and Shit I Can Carry). So, looking through the rules again and discussing it with Zzarchov, we had two additional ideas for the back – since armour and weapons use “tags” to describe them, they should have their own section, and spellcasters should have a section for spells too. However, since not everyone casts spells, I ended up doing the back page like I do the interior pages of my own sheets – nice big areas to write stuff in (like inventory, skills, spells, etc) without specifically saying what each area is for so you can adapt it to your character’s needs.

Also, because the front page’s scrollwork was such a hit, I went a bit bonkers with the scrollwork on the back page.

NGR Sheet - Back

NGR Sheet – Back

In describing to my girlfriend the incredible excess of scrollwork on this side, I said something like this: “And now some banner, just throw it on there! Sure sure, it’ll fit. What? So what if the page is already full and the scroll is two and a half feet long! Just… swooosh! and drape! and… yeah!”

So, as of the other day, the Official Character Sheet for Neoclassical Geek Revival has been replaced by this swooshing and draping monstrosity! I’m kinda chuffed about the whole thing. 🙂 You can also check out the latest fifth edition of the game itself.